Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Baby is FIVE!

I can't believe that Zane is FIVE!

He had a great birthday, even if it was on Thanksgiving this year and he had to contend with a brand new baby brother. I hope I still was able to make it special.

First, we started with Thanksgiving on Wednesday night. I knew that I did not want to do Thanksgiving on his birthday because I would be fighting with him over the meal. Which I did not want. So we had an early Thanksgiving. All Zane wanted for his birthday meal was Barro's Pizza, which was difficult because they were closed for Thanksgiving. However, we were resourceful and called it in on Wednesday night and asked for it uncut. We also asked for them to spell his name out in pepperonis, which they did! Even if the picture does make it look like the Sun. We then did Zoo Lights like always.

For his friend party, we went with another family to Rawhide. The boys loved it! Especially the gun show. They were able to ride the train, a stage coach, burros, pan for "gold" and saw Santa. They had so much fun.

Zane's school also does something special for the kids on their birthdays. We got to be part of it and honored Zane. It is so special when schools do this.

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