Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birth Part 2

Now for Cody's part.

It is amusing looking back, know that it has been six weeks. But our nurse was betting what he would be, remember we did not know. Well up until about 5 pm Friday, she thought he was going to be a girl because his stats on the monitors were the best on the floor. Then she changed her mind! His stats kept going way down. Well, once he entered this world, he was a little noisy in his breathing. So they took him up to the transition nursery and gave him a chest x-ray, which daddy was there with him the whole time. They kept him there until about 3 am and then I was told he could be in my room for an hour. Well, the nurse came back and said that he could stay!!! After a little skin-to-skin and feeding, the noise went away. However, my nurse was very paranoid. She wanted him to go back ti the Transition Nursery. Luckily, his Dr. was on rounds and said he was fine and could stay. He reassured me that it was because these nurses are only use to 100% "healthy" babies, not preemies, with very slight issues.

Today he is a typical six week old, only smaller than most. He weighs 6 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 3/4" on Monday! His head has gotten huge (I am glad on that account that he came early)!

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