Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a bit bigger!

This week at Junior Horse Hands, Zane and the kids were taught how to feed and what horses eat. They also got to groom a mule. The mule was so patient with the kids and seemed to enjoy the extra attention. As you can see Zane went right up to him and started to love on him. He does not seem to remember their names, which is important because the kids are taught that before you touch the animals you are to call their name. Something that we are working on.

I love this picture. The girls are very intent on what the teacher is saying and Zane is just the cool cowboy leaning on the rail. Now, if he just had boots and a hat (which he did not want to get, I tried).

I think this is one of my favorite pictures.

It is now time to ride. I missed the picture of Zane trying to get on the horse without help. It was so cute. But here he is getting a leg up.

Riding around the arena

and going by mom with the smug, excited look on his face.

I was again reminded of what a small world this is. I was talking to one of the "parents" (who was actually a grandfather) of one of the students, to find out that his sister and I use to work together! Next week is our last week of horse hands. Zane has learned so much and has enjoyed the class. Especially the special time he gets to spend with his Grammie.

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