Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horse Hand

Zane is taking a class with his Grammie at the Phoenix Zoo called Jr. Horse Hands. I am a little sad because I can't be part of it. I am VERY allergic to horses. But I don't want to keep him from learning to handle and ride horses. So Grammie is a great stand in! The first week, they learned how to approach and touch the horses. They also learned a lot of the workings in the barn (which I was not a part of and did not see.) This week Zane learned how to brush the horses, ride and clean the stalls out. He apparently LOVED cleaning the poop up. Guess having him clean up the dog poop has paid off. He also loved riding the horse. Brushing the horse was a little to calm for him, but he will learn. The little girls he was with really enjoyed brushing them (but I can see that because little girls also like to brush their dolls hair). Here are some of the pictures from today.

Brushing the horse

Getting the "foot up"

Saying "Step Up" to get going

So Happy!

Telling the horse to stop

Cheesing it up for Mommy!

Next week the kids will go on a bigger horse and the forth week they will be on a draft horse! So much fun to see the progression and what a great class.

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