Saturday, August 29, 2009

When Oh When...

....Will It End?

There are a couple of things I am talking about. First-THE HEAT! Yet again, the temp was above 110 here in the Valley of the Sun. I am ready to enjoy the out of doors without having to be in the pool. For I am not that big of a pool fan. I like it once in a while but no where like my son and husband. Which brings me to the next part. Just watch!

As you can see they continue to push the envelop. I am surprised that I have not had to start dying my hair! That is not the wonderful sound of rain (unfortunately) but the sound of David's little invention.

One other thing happened today. While at the Arizona Museum for Youth, I see this mom there that looks really familiar. But I also tell myself that there is no way that it is her, because she is not old enough to have a child. After seeing her again I asked if she was the person I thought. Yes, it was one of my students that I had when she was in 8th grade! She graduated in '06 and had her little girl in '07. But the thing is the last time I saw her I was pregnant with Zane! It is a little weird knowing that my former students and I could be having play dates and nothing would be thought of it. Just can't imagine having play days with any of my former teachers.

Come Tuesday, it will be September. Which I does not seem possible, for we just started summer, right? But then I am so ready for October when The Valley of the Sun becomes so beautiful and spending time outside is bearable again. Plus October also marks the start of Zane's outdoor preschool and Sammy Seedlings Preschool!

Zane will also be starting Cubbies! I was not sure if he was ready, but when Camp Central, the children's part of MOMS (formally MOPS) sent home a Bible verse, and he had it memorized in less than a day and has been able to repeat it to me all week, I figured it was time! I remember AWANAS so fondly and can't wait to see how Zane grows with it. I will also be starting a more organized preschool with him. It should be interesting. I have been working with him on letter sounds. I did not know what he was picking up and what he was not. We were playing "Tidy Up the Nursery" and needed to put away his foam letter house. I got a wall, with just the letters that were on that side and made the sound of the letter. He was able to choose the letter! He can be suck a stinker when it comes to what he knows.

Case in point. One of his friends asked his name, he replied with his WHOLE name! When that same friend asked how old he was, he held up 3 fingers! This is a fight when I ask. Oh well, I do know he knows his name and age! So the adventures in learning will continue, I will continue to look at other peoples blogs for great ideas, like this one for letter puzzles. I am focusing on a letter sound a week, and a book a week following Before Five in a Row.

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Julie said...

When we lived in the Valley, I used to think, "is the heat really this bad or am I just a whimp?"

Girl, it is that bad.

The summer in Arkansas has been terribly mild. Friday we ran errands all day (which would have made me so cranky in AZ this time of year) and it was actually pleasant.

Glad y'all are doing Sammy seedlings. I loved that program. Please tell Ms. Shannon hello from us. I think she would remember John Isaac.