Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Don't Understand

It seems like we are getting bombarded with so many "famous" people dying in the last weeks. Not only are there these people that I remember so well, along with so many others, but I have been hit with the fact that my classmates are also dying. In the last three weeks I have been told about two of my classmates. The first was a very dear friend from middle school, who we hung out in high school, even though we went to rival schools. The other was a teammate. Both were just 33, neither was expected. Both case I remember all the fun that we had.

First is Kyle. Wow! The trouble we got in together and the fun we had. I introduced him to his high school girlfriend (after having a crush on him all through middle school). After a party, I helped clean up his house and there was this lovely tobacco spill that no one seemed to be able to clean. Well, I did. E (his girlfriend) and I went to watch him and some friends play basketball after track one day (different high schools) and she showed me the guy who's chew it was. Well, I confronted him and we ended up dating. There was another time when we were hanging out after a football game and Kyle needed to "defend" me. He was very protective of his friends and is deeply missed.

The second is Laurel. We meet in high school and played basketball together. I think we may have played soccer against each other, but we did not formally meet and get to know each other till high school. We also had some classes together. I remember that she always had a smile and made others feel welcome.

As I think about both of these wonderful people taken from us, I think of their parents. How I ache for them. We are not to be burying our children. It brings back all the pain of having to say goodbye to Micah. As his 18 month birthday is fast approaching all I seem to think about is how I am SUPPOSE TO be seeing how much he weighs, how tall he is, and getting a shot. I wonder if he would be taller than Zane was at 18 months, or if he would be strong like Zane and not cry when he gets his shots.

Please remember these families in your prayers as they are struggling with saying goodbye to their children. Also, there is another family in the prayer request list who's daughter (Kate) had brain surgery and is healing right now.

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