Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still in Control

Being a Junior High and High School teacher, I am well aware that preteens and teens are very much into expressing themselves. Whether it be through hair, clothing whatever. I am so glad that I am not there yet. Especially after our Father's Day experience with Zane's not wanting to get his hair brushed. Now I do prefer him with a little longer but I don't like the rats nest that it normally looks like. He was also wanting a haircut. For we took Lucy to get groomed yesterday (which was an adventure in and of itself) and kept saying he wanted his hair cut. So I did. We went from


I know, picture is not the best, but not cooperating. As for the haircut, it too is not the best, but he was not cooperating there either. But it does not look as wild and I am sure it is cooler. And there was not a fight about the style. I know that will come soon enough.

As for the grooming escapade. I have never taken the dogs to get groomed with Zane. I have always left him with daddy or someone has come with me so I can leave Zane in the car. Not so yesterday. Well, we take Lucy in and I have explained what I want. As we are getting ready to leave Zane starts to protest (not throwing a fit, just saying he wants to stay and watch). We don't have anything else that is pressing and I thought he would get bored after 5 minutes. Boy was I wrong. We were there the WHOLE time just over an hour. I was bored.

We are also seeing how much Zane is improving this summer in his swimming. I have mentioned that he was moved up to a higher class (most of the kids are 5 or almost 5-Zane 3.5). It was so cool. On Friday we had a makeup class for the class that was canceled on Wed and out of 8 kids, Zane was the only one! That private lesson was amazing. Zane is swimming three body lengths without help. He still does not like going on his back for mom, but I think he does for his teacher. Here are some of my favorite pictures from when he was still in the lower class. But still great.

His comfort in the water is why he was moved up. His problem is he likes to bob up and down too much when his teacher is with another kid. He also does not like to wait his turn. Part of why I moved him to a different time frame for the next two weeks. I just hope that the managers come up with a plan for me so I can exercise instead of bake on the sidelines for 30 minutes.

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