Friday, June 12, 2009

Flag Day Learning Day!

In the last post I mentions about a learning day. Well, I had one, and even though I did not get many pictures I did get two that I can share. First is the outfit that I made Zane. I have wanted to get him a cute outfit for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and other Patriotic Holidays, but there are no cute ones for boys. So I found a cute pattern and material and made him one.
As for the learning day. We started with a story. This was the hardest part of the whole planning, finding a book on the flag that was not WAY over the kids head but still was good. I did not find exactly the right book, but this one was good: A Flag For All. Then we made our own flags, using the paint bellows. Of course Zane was not into this, but the others were! I would not do the "cheap" paint bellows from the last post, do the ones from Craft Store, you will be glad you did! We had them put the letter of their first name where the stars would go and tape how they wanted to for the stripes. Then they got to paint with red and blue. After we were done painting they had snack
Super easy. I got a tub of sugar cookie dough and rolled it into a jelly roll pan. Baked it. Spread it with cream cheese and then added strawberries and blueberries. SO YUMMY! Then the kids played.

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