Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy days in Arizona

How I love them. It is a very big deal when we get rain and it is so wonderful. I also found the timing so perfect also. With this being Easter weekend. Knowing that Jesus' followers would have been sad and mourning. It also reminds me of how Jesus washed away my sin because of His death on the cross. Just like the rain washes the air clean. The smell of rain in the desert is so amazing. I wish I could bottle it up.

Another thing that I have taken to doing on raining days in Arizona is baking. I am not a fan of baking when it is HOT. I do not like heating up the house when you are also trying to cool it down. Plus, if I really wanted to I could cook everything outside. SERIOUSLY, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!

Back to the topic....So Zane and I set out to bake today. I still had some pumpkin puree and Zane loves pumpkin muffins, I mean cupcakes, and that is what we made. I have not frosted them, but am going to use this and since I love to bake with Zane, I just had to get some pictures. He has the most priceless looks!

Helping Mix

Second favorite, licking the beaters
Favorite... The Taste Test!

Now that is heavenly

Depending on his mood he will count out how many measures (as in Warthogs in the Kitchen) and the eggs. Today he just wanted to pour and sift and crack the eggs. He did not even want to attempt to break them. It was fun and they sure to taste good!

Just in case...K.K. he is showing you love again!!! Zane said he was wearing K.K.'s shirt!

Happy Easter to everyone. Remember that Jesus is Alive! He defeated death! Thank you Lord for sending your Son as our perfect sacrifice. Thank you that we are able to remember our salvation this time of year and may I try to remember it EVERY DAY and not just at Easter.

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