Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter

I find that Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I feel that it is the most important holiday. For with out Easter, Christianity would not exist. This week I have been reading to Zane "The Easter Story" It is a simple, yet thorough explanation about who Christ was and what he did for our sin. It starts out with Palm Sunday, tell about how Jesus washed the feet of the Disciples, was betrayed, died on the Cross, but three days later The Tomb was EMPTY. It then goes to tell how Jesus was alive with people and that we too can live with Jesus if we believe in Him.

Zane also received "What is Easter". This asks questions about the worldly ideas that Easter is, down to the new clothes and egg hunts. It then give the Gospel, again clear and simple. It ends saying that all the worldly stuff is fun but that Easter is all about God's Son. How wonderful that we can reflect on how beautiful God's love for us is, that He sent His Son, to live a sinless life. The only one who did not deserve to die. But He did. He died for me! For my sins! So that I could know eternal life with no pain, no tears, no sorrows. Thank you Lord Jesus. I do not deserve it. I deserve the death that you died. But because of His death, I will be in Heaven. Because of His death, I will see Micah again, I will see my granddad again and most importantly I will see Jesus face to face! I can't wait!!! For another wonderful explanation please see here.

As for today. Zane and I colored eggs and I hid them this morning (Zane's breakfast!) As I was hiding them I noticed a beautiful apple on Micah's Tree
While Zane was hunting for his eggs, we had 6 very special visitors on our bird block. Very nice seeing as how my two bird feeders could be filled twice a day (greedy little birds) and we have had the bird block for about 2 weeks.There are five of the six (in the middle there are two, one the tail is pointing to the one on the wall with the other's tail pointing to the bird block). The sixth one was up in the tree.

Today was also challenging at church. It was the first time that I was able to see some friends since they lost their baby to a miscarriage. It brought back all the memories of loosing Micah. But the message was another reminder of how wonderful our babies' celebration is with Jesus. It was also wonderful to be reminded that all God has to do is speak and it will be done.Zane was so careful with the eggs and we worked on counting to make sure we had 11 eggs. He had so much fun painting them, tattooing them, and then finding them. I know that he also enjoys eating them.

After his quiet time (which he did fall asleep!) we did our tye dying! This year we did sheets. A set for Zane and a set for us! I can't wait till we can put them on. But alias I have to be patient and wait 24 hours for the dye to take and then have to rinse and wash then dry. I think it will be Tuesday before I can see how they turned out. But I do have pictures of the tye dying. Also why you should wear gloves!The ring on my right hand is in memory of Micah. I got it at the Renaissance Festival. It is a garnet (Jan. Birthstone) and was mined in Arizona!

I am going to leave you with a clip of Zane picking out Daddy's Easter Sunday Outfit (which he did not wear)

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