Tuesday, March 31, 2009

South Mountain Hike

With Mondays being David's day off we always try and do a family outing. We don't always do this but yesterday I really needed to be together as a family with no agenda what so ever! So that is what we did. We drove a short 15 miles to South Mountain. Right in the middle of Phoenix is this amazing wilderness area where you can hike, run, bike and/or ride horses.

I learned about this place while coaching cross country. The High School Coach would have the team run hills there. The ones in good enough shape would then run the LARGE hill. Well, it just so happened that was the hike we went on. We hike the small hill then asked Zane if he wanted to go to the top of the large hill. He, of course, said he wanted to "go to the top of the way big hill!" So up we went to the top of the Ridge Line. We followed the Ridge Line trail to the West Loop trail and back to the parking lot. The whole time Zane was hiking. He did ask to be carried, but we did not pick him up. By the end we were trying to coax him to the next place by telling him the boulders in the path were dinosaur bones. Whatever works! It was amazing, beautiful, and a great memory! We will be getting the topo map for South Mountain and plan out some more hikes in the very near future, before it becomes too hot. Don't like the whole get up at 4:30 to go hike before it gets too hot (wait it never cools down here in the summer).
Cactus growing out of a rock

Spring time in the Desert!

Top of the Hill on Ridge Line That is Downtown Phoenix in the background

Coming Down!

Zane's Lizard Rock--reminds me of a Gila Monster!

Here is the head

The end of the hike, resting on the tail

As for my Granddad. He is still fighting but it is not looking good. He can not be without his oxygen and he is struggling to keep his blood oxygen levels up. I get nervous every time the phone rings, praying that it is not my dad with the news that Granddad is gone. He is surrounded by family and is being well cared for. Thank you again for your prayers. They are felt and appreciated.


Suzie said...

What great pictures. I dont think I have ever seen a cactus blossoming. Thanks for sharing them. Zane looks so tired in the photo when he was resting. too sweet.

Still praying for your granddad. I am sure it is difficult not knowing when it is going to be.

Sending hugs!

Megan said...

you are so pretty lady...iscrolled down through shots of you and loved ones....you are very BRIGHT.

that is what we are called to be. you shine well for Him. press on dear sisiter.