Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Week On the Home Front

The days seem to be very routine, but we are having fun! We were finally able to go to art class, it was not canceled! Today's was Art Beat. I thought that they would be doing more art to music, but it was still fun. There was nothing that we have not done but I did not have to set up or, more importantly, CLEAN UP! Don't really like that part. I did get some ideas of how to help with the clean up of some of Zane's favorite art projects, get a tub like bucket right next to the work area, with water in it. He loved to get a little paint then wash up. Here is some of the work he did
I need to say that he was very surprised when he went into the room. It was different! He did go right to the carpet for circle time, Thank you Miss Shannon at Preschool for that, but as soon as his teacher said that they were going to be painting with their feet, shoes came off and he started for it. I was able to stop him! He was the first to do this. once the other kids saw what to do, they were all for it. It was nice to see the parents were not so freaked out about paint on the clothes for a change.

However, I wonder why I had to pay to do this, we have feet painting on the back porch from earlier this week?!?!

Then finger painting, which he found his face too!Zane has also been fascinated by the washer. So much so that I am not able to put the lid down until it has to be. He has gone as far as to take all his clothes off just to put them in so he can watch them. Which is what he had done here. He does want to watch the dryer also, but luckily I have told him that it will not work unless it is closed. I don't have the heart or patience to tell him that if he just pushes the light button that it will think it is closed. All I can think of is my brother and I and the dryer.....YIKES!

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