Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some of My Favorites!

As Christmas is arriving and the desire to teach Zane the true meaning of Christmas I am trying to find things that tell of the Christ's coming to Earth in a way that is captivating and fun for him. Of course the best is the actual Bible, but getting our three year old to understand it impossible !

So I have found some awesome books that I love.
The first is Mortimer's Christmas Manger How wonderful to see how we treat others when we don't know the story. I won't ruin it, but I picked this up for our Christmas book for this year because of the last three pages.
Last year I picked up This is the Stable which is great to show Zane the different characters that are part of the Christmas story. Plus it is very catchy and you start to remember it. This is the stable, dusty and brown in a quite corner of Bethlehem Town.
One that I am looking at for next year is Pippin the Christmas Pig. This shows how we get caught up in ourselves and don't think of others.

This is one of the traditions that I have started with Zane. I can not remember his first Christmas, we spent it in the hospital. But after his second Christmas and seeing that the Christmas books that Zane received were not about Christ, I wanted to change that. So that is why this tradition. I also have learned to give him the book early. Because when I save it for Christmas, we spent the whole time leading up to it not having read it or learning about it. I have also started to do this with Easter-which is LOTS harder.

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