Monday, December 29, 2008

So Wonderful

Yesterday, after we got Zane down for a "nap", we went to see a movie and out to dinner. It was wonderful. The movie was 1000% better than the last one we saw, which I won't tell you about, Tropical Thunder. We saw Yes Man. One that I will not rave about, but it was upbeat and funny (especially if you are a Jim Carry fan) and you did not need to think. Just what I needed. Then out to dinner at Outback. Enjoyed grilled seafood, wine and steak. Well not all the steak, that will be lunch!

David was very sensitive too. Normally I do fine, but yesterday for some reason I didn't. We were sat right next to a table that had a baby that was about Micah's age. David went a asked to be moved. We then proceeded to have a wonderful time. Zane made the next morning even better by sleeping till after 7 am!

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