Monday, December 1, 2008

How Much....

Well, we went to the well child check today to get all the "official" stats. So Zane is 37.5" tall and weighed in at 30 pounds. Not bad for a little guy. His Dr. also said that he is very active (like I needed her to tell me that.) He is now on the 50% for both height and weight, an increase from last year when he was at 25% for height and 10% for weight.

We also were fortunate to celebrate Aunt T and Uncle B's wedding again this weekend at Rawhide. It is a western town complete with cowboys, jail, and panning for gold. Zane loved it. We made him a sheriff and he "learned" how to shoot a gun. He also got to see Santa. Lets hope there is no accidents this time. What a difference from the first time he saw Santa!

The next set shows that you can not keep this kid contained. So when the police officers witnessed a two year old putting the keys into the ignition and then "putting" the car in gear, they will not be able to keep him in.

Or are the bad guys just trying to escape the new sheriff?

Did I mention that he liked the guns?

Then we have my boys looking for the bad guys getting ready to chase them!

Zane also wanted to see his mommy and daddy get thrown off the bull. So we rode the Widowmaker. Need proof

Just don't ask my husband about it. He won't tell the truth.

Here is a little Not Me Monday about the ride.

I did not ask the operator before getting on if he would stop it if I wanted it stopped.

I did not think how sexy my husband looked while on the bull.

I did not ask the operator to stop after, what seemed like five minutes.

And there is no way I would never do it, and not ask it to be stopped before getting thrown off.

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