Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Phone Rings

I was talking to my mom while Zane and Daddy were at Lowe's and the other line rings with a cell number I don't recognize. So I answer and it is my husband. He asks if I am dressed and tells me that I need to get down there right away because something happened to Zane. That he had a cut on his head and that he needs to go to get looked at. But he has to stay and fill out paper work. So I RUSH down there (only about a mile or so) and rush into the store.

I race walk in and the sales associate says: You must be Mom!?

Me: Yes

Him: Your son is fine, but he has a gash on his head.

Me: I am thinking-just get me to my baby!

Of course the room is on the opposite end of the store and I feel like it took 20 minutes to get to it. I get there and Zane is holding an ice pack and this animal thing. Later I find out it is a St. Bernard that plays "I'll Be Home for Christmas" with a Santa Hat on. Cute if the batteries die!

So I look at the gash and it looks deep, but is not bleeding. We decide to take him to Urgent Care. The Phoenix Children's Hospital U.C. does EVERYTHING an ER would do without the cost! We get there sign in and wait for about 20 minutes then go back where Zane is amazing. They flush it out four times and he just says that it hurts with a little whining to stop. But no hysteria. We wait for the Dr. to come and glue it shut. Which she does with four layers of glue and tells us not to let him touch it for 30 minutes. When she tells us the care-that's when I wish we would have gotten stitches! The glue can not get wet for a week. That means that I can't keep him contained while I shower, no washing the hair, and for him, no real baths! FOR A WEEK. By Sunday, he should be ripe!

As for what happened: Daddy and Zane were getting baseboards to finish the living room. Zane ran ahead and Daddy called him back. Zane ran back (Yes literally ran) and ran into the baseboards.


Hayler said...

Wow. I'm so glad he is ok! No, mom ever wants to get those calls! :)

Laura said...

Ouch...sweet boy! Are you coming to D for Christmas?