Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I need to cook what?

The last couple days, as the turkey and ham are defrosting, and I have been getting the food that can be reheated or needs time to set cooked before tomorrow, I have been wondering how am I going to cook both the turkey and the ham, have them both HOT and JUICY and ready at the same time in my oven (which unlike my grandmother I only have one. There is not an extra one in the garage and I do not have a double oven). But today on Girl Talk just made me laugh and remember that God will get it all taken care of. I don't have to worry. If it is not perfect, the food will still get eaten. Remember, my dad is here! And if it is that bad, I can always make soup out if the left over meat.

Hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As for Zane's birthday. We had a great time. He really enjoyed the ZooLights. Here is a little taste. Sorry it is sideways, I had some difficulty finding how to get the image turned with the programs we have. But it is still amazing!

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