Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I first moved here and went to the zoo, I will have to admit, I was disappointed. For the zoo I was use to frequenting growing up had animals EVERYWHERE! The Phoenix Zoo, you will walk long distances and not see any animals. Then I learned that they were one of the top Zoo's in the nation for children. I laughed, because I thought that it was a joke. However, now that Zane is getting older and doing more of the classes, I have to admit, it is AWESOME!

We went to the Breakfast with the Tortoises, which is well worth it. Just a week ago, while at the Botanical Gardens, we meet the Desert Tortoises. Both the ones that are in preschool and then one that lives in the gardens. It was such a treat. And of course, I did not have my camera! So when I remembered that Sept. was breakfast with the tortoise month, I had to do it. Zane loved it. We got into the encloser and feed them. These are huge Galapagos and some other kind of tortoise. One was brought to the U.S. as an adult in 1906!!! What amazing creatures that God put on this earth.

We were able to pet them (top of the shells only) and discovered that they love to be scratched on the shells super fast. When this is done they raise up to try and get more! The keeper called it tortoise hydraulics;) They loved the carrots! We used tongs to feed them, because their becks are very powerful. Which we found out because the tortoise we feed got a hold of the end and bent it! Luckily it was not our finger.

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Laura said...

So glad you had a sweet day with Zane...your written journey of your time with Micha is beautiful. Keep helps so much!