Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Value Of Money?!

At the ripe old age of 2, Zane has learned about money. Not necessarily that it is needed to buy things, but that you get to put it into an airplane bank. He only wants change also. He has gotten to asking Grammie (David's Mom) every time she comes over and will go up to Grandpa (David's Dad) and point to his pocket and then ask for money. He will even get up on the chair and look for David's spare change for his airplane bank.

This morning it took on a whole new life. David was putting his change into his pocket and Zane asked for the money. This is what ensued:

Yes, he tried to put his "pillow" over the camera, to keep the paparazzi from shooting him. And we DID NOT give him the money.

Sorry for those who want to see the new color of Zane's room. The paint on Lucy did not show up in this video.

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Hayler said...

This reminds me of an Andy Griffith Show episode were Opie tries to throw temper tantrums to get his way! Ha ha ha! So cute.