Monday, August 11, 2008


I have had the paint for Zane's room since May, but have not been motivated to do it. Well, that all has changed! On top of that, David and I have been wanting to do wood flooring for a while now. Let me just say, I was motivated. I have been very discouraged with house keeping lately. One reason, Zane follows behind and messes it back up. The other is after I vacuum it looks like I never have vacuumed. Very disheartening. So, seeing as how I am repainting Zane's room and I thought that it would make sense to pull up his carpet so I can paint the baseboards without having the part under the carpet unpainted. Well, this then turned into the WHOLE house no longer having carpet! It was disgusting! I will never do carpet again.

One thing that really bothers me is that there is nothing to do with the carpet, but put it into the landfills. There, it does not decompose and the chemicals that are in them, which we all know there are TONS of, is leached out and enters our ground water and our soil. NO FUN! In doing a search, I found a place here in Arizona that does recycle the carpet and carpet padding. The cool thing is that you can get paid $0.03 per pound for the carpet padding. It is then taken to a place where it is chopped up, sanitized and remade into more carpet padding. On the carpet, it is a little trickier. There is only recycling for nylon carpet, which we had! No payment for that, but I know that our carpet is not going into the landfills. The nylon carpet is also made into new carpet. From what I read, it is used for what they called carpet tile.

Here in Arizona, the place I found that takes carpet is A1 Planet Recycle. So, if you are getting ready to redo your carpets, it is definitely worth the trip.

Lets see how long it takes before our floors are done. David HATES the concrete, but DOES NOT want to paint it! And why not, would you want to move everything two more times before getting what you want.

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