Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Bears

This week was David's birthday and we had decided that our presents would be a romantic dinner at the Melting Pot! We had a great evening and were able to enjoy the time without wondering if Zane was having fun or being a trouble maker. Well, I did not stick with the no presents too well. I was at Target and they had some of their animals that I really like on clearance. In particular, DINOSAURS! I had to get all six. They were more for Zane than David, but they have had fun. Zane has started to ROAR and had learned that dinosaurs eat meat--even though we have told him not all do. He just like the reaction when the dinosaur eats our fingers.

We are finally at the point with his bed that I have been waiting for, impatiently. I was able to turn it into a cave. Which has become the source of many fun adventures, and many more to come.

The following pictures are of Zane using the cave as a den!

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