Saturday, May 10, 2008

Protected like the Animals

Being the science teacher and my love for nature, I love the fact that Zane loves animals. This allows me to teach him about animals and pretend to be different animals.

With it getting soooooo hot, I thought it would be fun to be animals on the African Savannah! What do the rhinos, elephants, and hyenas do?

They cover themselves in mud!

To keep them cool, prevent insects from biting, prevent sunburn, and to clean/cover the smell of blood.

So we did this! However, Zane wanted to test if the mud would prevent insects from biting.
What does he do?

Goes and touches a BEE! Which proceeds to sting him. So mud does not prevent bees from stinging, but it is great for the skin and keeps you cool. This was, surprisingly, the first bee sting Zane got (More to come if he did not learn) and luckily he did not have a reaction!

Yes Grandad Easy, this happened the same day that we talked about Zane getting stung!

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