Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potty Training

Potty training is a huge undertaking. Zane has made it interesting and fun. We have found him wiping his animals bottoms. This morning we found him having each animal sitting on the potty and making sure they had enough time to go!

Bobo Bear

Micah Bear


This play resembles the book The Prince and the Potty. One of Zane's favorite books that talks about a prince who needs to use the potty but does not like it. So mommy and daddy get a puppy and have the prince help teach the puppy where to go. Once the puppy learns, the prince is soon to follow. Of course Zane likes it because of the puppy and the word potty.


Jessica said...

Hey there...
I check in at your blog every week or so, and are the best blogger. There is always something to read! Your little guy is so super cute!

iamchanelle said...

ugh, good luck with that. i am procrastinating the potty training big time, haha!