Monday, May 19, 2008

Be Green and Save Money

If you are like me you want to save money and help keep chemicals that are harmful to your family out of your home. However, the "green" cleaners and other products are very expensive and not in the budget. Well, here are some tips to be green and save money.

  • Use vinegar to clean: bathrooms, floors, window, and fabric softener (does not make clothes smell)
  • Baking Soda: Kitchen Sinks, Laundry Booster, Tubs, carpet freshener
  • Laundry: Pre-soak for 15 minutes, then go to the rise and let it run the rest of the cycle, use cold water, line dry clothes. We live in AZ, the sun is a natural brightener, whitener, and disinfectant.
  • Set thermostat to 80--if I can do it, then anyone can--we also have it at 78 for the hours of 10 pm to 8 am.
  • Vinegar is also wonderful for your dishwasher--We had to replace our dishwasher after two years, because of hard water build up. Once a month, fill the bottom with vinegar, let it set over night, then do a quick rinse: have dishes in the machine and get the buildup off!
  • Compost!!! Yes, this is one many may not like, but if done properly it does not smell! Make sure that there are NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS of any kind! Even veggies with butter should not be put in. An added benefit is that the insects will gravitate toward the compost instead of the house. You also get great soil for planting and you don't have to buy it!

The vinegar is much cheaper than household cleaners. These are gentle on skin, so no plastic gloves needed. Some may be old fashion, but it is worth it.

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Mrs. Miller said...

Heather told me about this post. THANK YOU!! I've been wanting a cheaper, less toxic approach to house cleaning for some time.