Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Winter Break

These two weeks have been a blur and yet, I am ready for a normal routine again.  We have had lots of fun over the last two weeks.  I have really enjoyed seeing my boys play and love on each other.  But of course I never have the camera for those really sweet times and by the time I get the camera they are off and running.

We started out by having Aunt Taylor, Uncle Brian and Cora coming for Christmas.  It was so much fun seeing the kids play.

First stop was The GrandPerins.  The kids had fun opening presents, playing with them at the park, playing with each other,  decorating the Chocolate Chip Cookie Man, eating and so many other things.
Don't think Cora knows what to do with the crazy boy
Got an Angry Birds Blanket

Cutest Niece EVER!

Think she would have been crying if she knew her Uncle David was behind her :)
Before Church with Grandma
Gingerbread House the boys made

Waiting to decorate Chocolate Chip Man

Zane working the icing

Finished product

The ball is coming right at you!  He loved having so many adults pitching to him
Driving Cora Crazy.  She did not want him driving her anymore!

An airplane!

 Christmas afternoon we headed up to Grammie and Poppie's to celebrate with them. 

Cora's Daddy letting Cora see how cold the pool is
Really liked the snap pops!

Who needs presents when there are toys

Grammie and her boys
Grammie with her Grandchildren

Add Poppie

The Perin Children with their Families

 The day after Christmas we were able to introduce Cora to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  I did not get a chance to really talk to Taylor after but from the pictures, I think they liked it!

Love this, looks like Cody is jumping!

Finding the wind tunnels!

Watching the scarfs fly out!

Going through the car wash with brother

A few more inches




Toddlers in the fun room.  Cora is not sure about the eyes and owl hoots under the "stairs"

While the toddlers are exploring, Zane is in the Ballroom!

 Our Christmas Morning started a little later than I thought it would, 7 am!!!!  Here are the snapshots of Christmas Morning!

The boys first thing in morning in new pajamas

Daddy Looks thrilled to be up

Our Family Picture on Christmas Morning

Boys getting ready to open presents

Snowman Pancakes Frying
Snowman Pancakes, yellow snow eggs, and a bacon scarf.  Just happened to put them on Snowman plates!
This is what David got for his Christmas and 10th Anniversary Present (The clocks are set to the time each boy was born)

On the 30th and 31st we decided that we needed to go have some snow time, because we did not get to Colorado like was planned for this Christmas.  We headed up to Payson and stayed the night in a hotel.  We choose one with a heated indoor pool.  After swimming and showers, we watched Cars 2 in bed while eating popcorn!  While trying to get the boys to go to sleep, I looked out the window and saw that it was SNOWING!!!!!!  This was Payson's first snow for the winter.  They ended up getting about 8 inches!!!  While I was packing the car, David and the boys "sledded" in the parking lot.  We then drove to find a sledding hill.  Which we finally did but then only got one run before the sled hit a giant snowball and cracked.  That ended sledding (we did return the sled for a full refund seeing as how we got it the night before).  After sledding we went to my Grandparents' and Aunt's for lunch. 
Popcorn in bed

Popcorn in Bed

Sledding in Parking lot

Snow Fun

Up the Hill
Going Up

Down the Hill
Down, Down, Down
Zane found an icicle and showed Cody!


Great Granny and Grandaddy, Zane, Cody and Great Aunt Annetta
 We were finally able to have a family day right before Christmas.  We went to the Arizona Museum Of Natural History.  I thought that David had been here before, but I was wrong.  Downtown Mesa has really cool sculptures.  The boys became part of them.  One day I want to go shopping down there without the boys!
Under the Raptor

Humpty Dumpty Sat On the Wall with Two other Eggs

Stepping through time
Panning for Gold

Being a Polar Bear Cub

It has been fun and have made some really good memories.  There has been some setbacks in the training, not been motivated to run when I have to deal with both boys all day.  I also have come to the realization that I do not have time to do the real distances that are required for a marathon.  I am not able to run over 15 miles and still have family time.  So I think it is wise that I drop from the marathon to the half marathon.  This has taken a lot of pressure off of me, but I feel like I am letting Micah's honor down by not doing the full for him.  But I still plan to do one in the next five years.  I just think I need to wait til both boys are in school at least half a day.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas making great memories with your families and have a blessed 2013.

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