Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankfulness Day 15

Today I am thankful for God's protection.  It came to light during my run before the crack of dawn.  I was running my new favorite 4 mile route but it takes me in front of an apartment complex entrance/exit.  At 5:15 in the morning (and anytime for that matter because my car has almost been hit coming out of the Lowe's Parking Lot) they residence there don't stop and look before exiting onto the street.  I was wearing Day Glow Pink and under a light.  I was over halfway through the driveway before the person even got to the driveway.  Said person slowed down and finally stopped when I was at his driver side door, hand up ready to smack it and I had to stop.  The person behind him did stop before the sidewalk and then looked.  Hope he learned his lesson (but probably not).  The next one, same run, I was crossing the highway on ramp and I had waited while my light was red and they were turning to get onto the highway.  My light turned green and I had a walk signal.  Luckily I always try and run against traffic, for this reason.  The first vehicle in the line waited for me to cross, however the person behind was very impatient and started to honk.  I as crossed I started to wave my arms so the other vehicles would not start to go.  As I passed the one who honked she was embarrassed.  I think I am kind of glad on that too.  Just slow down and let life come, don't try to control it (I need to listen to this too, at times). 

This is not the only time I have really felt God's protection on my runs and many other times.  But I am very thankful for it.