Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 1/2 is DONE!

Today was the day for the Half Marathon! I did it! I finished my first half marathon! Which was no small feet this week. I have been sick all week with anemia. It has been really tough not getting up and running and having a full night sleep but still feeling like I have not slept. But my doctor told me that I can still run, just to make sure I was very hydrated. So we (the whole family) got a hotel on the completely other side of the city, and ran the races! I was the one who trained and ran the half marathon. I felt great the first half of it, but at the turn around point I went to the bathroom and nothing was the same after that. I was able to run for about another mile before my legs started to give out. Then I started to just feel weak. There were so many times that I just wanted to quit, but I did not! When all this started I would have been on pace to run a 2:30ish half. But then the last 4 miles kicked me in the back side. I still managed to make my goal, barely, but was under 3 hours! My chip time was 2:58.59. So I had 1 minute to spare.
At the start, feeling strong and knowing to take it slow and steady.
Crossing the Finish line. Clock time was under 3 hours too!

Followed my own rule from coaching: "Run all the way through the finish!"

What was great about the boys (David, Zane and Cody) coming is that there was a 1 mile kids fun run. We signed Zane up for it and he got the cool t-shirt. I did not think that he would be able to run the whole race and that he would take out way fast like I see so many kids do in these things. But he actually listened! He too took it slow and steady!

At the start line

Runners Set! (See David and Cody in the background?!?!)

First 100 yards, focused, and determined

Big smile as he passes (sees) mommy! Melts my heart!
Up the hill to the finish
Finishing Strong! Time 9 minutes and 41 seconds!!! Not bad for his first mile!

Zane with his finishers Medal
Cody and David finishing the race in 9 minutes and 44 seconds! Great job Cody!!
Cody with his finishers medal!
We had a great time and enjoyed the time as a family (even if I was out running for 3 hours). The run was peaceful, quiet, and very well organized. I am seriously considering running the race again in Oct. I know crazy, but that will be 4 months before the marathon and a great training run for me.

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