Friday, January 13, 2012

His 4th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated the all too short life of Micah. I can't believe he has been in Heaven for four years already. It seems like yesterday we were pregnant with him. Man how I wonder what his personality would be like. I imagine he would be my mellow little man. I can only imagine the looks that I would get from people. We already get a lot now with two redheads, but just think what it would be like with three!!!

Here is a little snapshot of how we celebrated. Nana and Papa send Micah yellow roses for each year we have missed him. (Hope you had a wonderful 38th anniversary yesterday). Yes, Micah was born on my parents anniversary. We have a tradition on how we celebrate Micah's birthday, this year we had to push it back a couple of hours because Zane had his second day of all day school. But we still went Putt Putt Golfing (Cody was involved so scoring did not take place). His favorite activity was taking Mommy or Daddy's ball. He would not touch Zane's?!?! I wish I could have gotten a picture of his expression when he would do this!

We followed golf with dinner at Rain Forest Cafe. This is always a hit with Daddy and Zane. Cody did not like it this year. The "animals" and "thunderstorm" scared him. But we still got the picture. You can tell that Cody was not thrilled to be by the elephants and I have no clue about Zane's expression. We have been getting some interesting faces from him lately.

Finally we came home and sang Happy Birthday with sparklers and ate cupcakes. Zane also made sure that Micah Bear was with us yesterday because it was Micah's birthday.

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