Saturday, December 31, 2011

Events for 2012

So as we enter into 2012, I figured that I need to write down what some of my goals for 2012 are. First, on Jan 28th run my first 10k. Then on Feb 25th, my nieces first birthday!, run my first 1/2 Marathon. Then each month for the rest of the year run one race. This will keep me on track to keep running and hopefully help me to continue my weight loss journey.

I have not thought of any others right now. But by sticking with this goal will help me to accomplish my 2013 goal of running my first marathon in honor of Micah, who will be turning 5 in 2013!

Here is praying that I stay free from injury (which has been hard already) and stay focused. I have some races in mind for 2012 that I am wanting to run. Don't know about the one in March as it is the weekend after the half but we will see. I also have an idea for May! So we will see what happens. I am hoping to have pictures of the different races.

So may you all have a Safe night and a Blessed 2012! May God bless your families beyond what you could have thought.

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