Saturday, October 1, 2011

Game 4

Game 4 was so much better. More energy, a desire to want to play. It was so much more enjoyable to watch. Now if we could just get the flags to stop flapping so we can get the tackles. You watch their little hands just grab and fly around the flag. I know the boys are getting frustrated with it. I am wondering if maybe we should not play tag where they have to grab the flags to get them "out".

Zane Ready to Play


Getting the hand off!

Guess who is Quarter Back!

That pesky flag

Set! Hike!

I have handed it off, now what?

Hand Off!

As you can see we have three things in our life. Football, Karate, and School, which includes AWANAS. I have not even made it to the zoo or botanical gardens lately. But then it is still too hot to do so. Next week is fall break so we will be going to both places. Plus, Nana and Papa will be here in about 2 weeks! and Cody will be 1 in 22 days! Boy, this has been a crazy year!

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