Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Tale of Two Belts

This morning I woke and I knew it was going to be crazy, but this crazy, NO! See we started with needing to be at the football field to get jerseys and flags fitted at 7:20 am. This was an undertaking. The jerseys that we have for the boys (the whole league) would fit me! So we had to pin them and tie them. I was told to cut them! NO WAY The are too nice! We also had to get the flags fitted. Now, these are not the cool P.E. ones that were Velcro that we had. No we had to get the piece that holds the flag to the belt on. Looked real easy until you started. Once it was on and the kids pull the flag off it is cool, because it makes a little pop. Once we got all that done, the boys had practice. We then headed over to the field! Where Zane and his team (The Ravens) played the Broncos...Mom and Dad, I am glad this was not the week you were here because I know that you would not known what to wear or which team to cheer for :). But here is the video of Zane and some pictures of The Ravens playing.

Getting ready!


Grabbing a flag, don't know if the kid has the ball or not, but he was just grabbing yellow flags all game long!


And belt number two. Which started at 11:30 and went til 12:45ish, after we did not get home from football til after 10 am! Going from his white belt

With a whole lot of other stuff. We have never gone through a karate graduation before, so we did not know what to expect. But we were able to see Zane have almost of full class.

This is his class saying their creed (I had help with filming from a 10 month old!)

They did a few practice moves to get ready to show some of their moves!

Getting ready

to do a trick

Waiting to get presented with his next belt

Is now a Fusion Orange Belt!

And how could the day be complete without a picture of Cody! So here he is going down the slide. I don't know (remember) if this is his first time or not. But I am afraid that this one is giving up ALL naps. After this morning he only slept for 40 minutes! Please don't give them up yet!

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