Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer is Over....

...or at least the structured (lack of) part of summer. As for the temperatures, not til the end of October :( But I figured that I need a recap of our summer!

First we started with swimming! Zane is getting so confident and good at it. Cody loved the water, just not going under too well. He still has yet to figure out how to blow bubbles, but I know that will come. Zane has also gotten so confident that he has started to do front flips into the pool

Even though his teacher is holding him, he does not need it!"I'm to good for this class"

The face he would give me when he went under

Does really good on his back!

We then spent a week in Colorado. This was much needed because I have not been out of Arizona for the last two summers! We spent the week with my parents, went to the Zoo, White Fence Farms, and the Botanical Gardens at Chatfield. David and Zane also went to Water World and loved it! In fact they said that they don't think that they will appreciate Sunsplash as much. We were also able to visit family and celebrate the Forth of July and my birthday in Colorado!

Family at Chatfield Gardens

The waterfall where we were taking the pictures just called to be played in!

This tells our whole story! Zane and Cody picking on mommy and daddy is unaware
Up in the tree house at White Fence Farms

Tractor driving at White Fence
My little Cowboy in the barn!

The must have Picture at the Zoo!
My big boys watching fireworks

We were very blessed while in Colorado to have cooler weather, rain every evening and so much green! It was a great break from the heat and, yes humidity, of Arizona. The monsoon is in full force!

We missed the Haboob that hit the Valley while we were gone, but came home to a great rain storm that we were all so tired that we slept right through it! Also while we were in CO Cody was getting ready to cut his top two teeth, which then came through Tuesday July 12! We also had Zane allergy tested and discovered that he is allergic to the out-of-doors! But by controlling his allergies seems to have helped in some behavior issues. We then did two more weeks of swim lessons and celebrated daddy's birthday! This week we have taken it "easy" and I have kept some of my promises to Zane that we have not had time to do. We have seen Cars 2 and gone to the Zoo. Monday Zane starts Kindergarten! We have open house tonight. It has been very fast and I can't believe my big boy is starting school!

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