Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game 2 and an Emotional Week

Since October, we have had a very emotional ride. First the news came that on the first Sunday in October David's Grandfather passed away.

Then that Friday, my Grandmother fell, hit her head and then passed away on Sat.

Two weeks later Cody was born. Perfect and wonderful.

Then on Tuesday of this week, David's last Grandparent was welcomed into Heaven. Grandma Perin was so eager to meet her Lord and Savior that it is hard to morn. However, we are going to miss her but know that she is up there pain free and singing praises to God. She was such an amazing example of a Godly woman.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the birth of David's sisters baby. I am so excited to become an Aunt again and so excited that the youngest cousins are going to be so close in age. Both babies are coming at times of great sorrow. Did I mention that between this I also lost my Great Grandfather, two days after Micah's birthday. Yes, my GREAT GRANDFATHER! However, I can't seem to find the picture I have of him and Zane. All of this since the beginning of Oct.

With the passing of Grandma Perin came another first, I was home alone with the boys and there was no "escape" for me to call on. I have been away from David, but always had my parents. This time, David was gone along with his parents. I am in even more awe of single parents and mommies who's husbands travel a lot. I know I would not be a fan of it.

Now for the fun and amusing stuff. Game 2! So wish that David could have been here, but he was still in Indiana. But Zane was ever amusing and scored his first goal, which was so much fun to hear him recount it to daddy on the phone.

This is just a cool action shot of Zane!

This next set of pictures are of his goal scoring play. I must say that team work is not quite on their mind yet and that Zane's position at the time was a defender. Which makes this even more amusing.

Got the ball

Driving up the field
In front of the goal

Light kick into goal
Looking at coach for direction
Now I can be cocky
Boy I love this kid. He made sure that Grammie was aware that he scored the goal.

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