Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebrating Micah

I can not believe that it has been three years since I held my middle son and said goodbye to him. It seems like yesterday, yet so much has happened. This post, like many others, is more of a journal entry so I can remember what we did and don't loose it, which I tend to do! Like we have done in the past we went to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch and sat right next to one of the tanks. Cody did not know what to do about it, besides throw up on me. Zane had his usual, chicken nuggets and Daddy and I both had burgers. I am so glad that we only eat there once a year!
My favorite from the restaurant

Guess I moved my hand when I took the pictures~

While we were taking the pictures in front of the gorillas, they were "talking" which I thought was appropriate I took video!

Then we went to Golfland and played a round of putt-putt golf on the Princess course, we were on the Lost Dutchman last year. Here are some pictures and some videos of our play. I am sure that Nana and Papa will find this amusing knowing how great of a golfer that I am!

Just an FYI, I did not win, but I do think it was one of my best scores. David scored a 51, I had a 56 (and 3 hole on ones, I also had some BAD holes), and Zane got a 71, we gave him 5's on a lot because we lost count.

Zane Putting

In front of the Castle

Cody trying to play

After dinner we had Micah's Birthday Cupcakes, funfetti white cake with chocolate frosting and
sprinkles. We were able to have special candles this year, Sparklers!

Watching Daddy get the "candles" ready

Lighting the "candles"

Singing "Happy Birthday"YUMMY!

Daddy also raked the leaves, which we have lots of because of the freeze. Zane had a great time playing in them. Also, Nana and Papa sent roses again, three for Micah's third birthday. They are beautiful and I love the ribbon, it reminds me of my Grandma who passed away two weeks before Micah was born.

Happy Third Birthday Micah. Mommy, Daddy and Zane miss you so much and wonder what you would be like. I know you would have been such a great big brother to Cody. Love you so much and long for the day when I get to hold you again.

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