Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birth Part 1

On Thursday I went into the Dr. for my normal NST and Fluid check ultrasound. At the ultrasound the fluids were lower than normal so the doctor came in and told me to go straight to the hospital! She was very calm about it and explained that the fluids were just below normal (5) and I was at 4.8. When I got there I went straight to a labor and delivery room and not the triage room. Which I thought the beds would be more comfortable, I was wrong.

After getting settled they started to induce me. This was a very long process because my body was not ready to give birth. They started me off on Cervidal (sp) which I was on for 12 hours (12:30 Thursday afternoon to 12:30 Friday morning). During this time Cody had some major decells in his heart rate. So I was attached to the monitors continuously! I was not able to get out of bed at all. This is where I changed my birth plan. I have tried to do the unmedicated birth while stuck on my back, and never again! Well at 2:30 am I was given my first gel, no change again. Then three hours later the second and three hours later the third. By this time I may have been at a 3 and 50% effaced. So this is where Dr. M came in (which is the Doctor we really wanted to deliver Cody! I was so relieved to find out he was on for a 24 hour shift and would be delivering Cody! An answer to prayer). He wanted the nurse to start the pitocin and then get David there (he was at the pumpkin festival with Zane) and then Dr. M would break my water. This was at 10 am. Well the nurse did not hear it that way. She heard, get David there, Dr. M would break my water and then start the drip! So at 1 pm, when Dr. M came back in and this was not done, the drip was started right away. I think he came in about 3 pm to break my water and add water back into the uterus because Cody was decelling again.

Well, once this was done, I asked my new nurse to put a catheter in so I was not asking to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes. The night nurse agreed! The drip was increased and finally about 6 or 7 I was ready for the epidural. Which surprised my nurse that I had not needed it before. My contractions were hitting 70 on the chart. I was just getting to where I was having to concentrate through them. About 8 pm Dr. M came in and checked me again was a 8 or 9 but still not fully effaced. So we waited. At about 9:00 Dr. M was in our room waiting and monitoring for almost 20 minutes. Then he stepped out and came back in. By this time it was go. We got the NICU staff down, just in case and the regular L and D baby nurse. At about 9:30 it was time to start pushing. I think there were 4 or 5 pushes and Cody entered the world crying!!!!!

Dr. M had David tell me what the sex was, and by the look on his face, I knew his prediction was wrong! He thought it was a girl. But Cody is a perfect beautiful boy!

I will give more on the next part, because this story is not done. But I need to get up and move. Enjoy the pictures. Which are in no particular order.

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