Monday, July 19, 2010

22 Weeks!

Well, I can't believe we are already 22 weeks, almost 23! When I went to schedule the next doctor's appointment they said it would be Aug 2!?!? What, August? Well, that is good because that means the oven here will be turned off sooner. The whole 110+ with humidity and pools that are not refreshing, but feel like a bath is not fun. Soon, we will be able to turn off the A/C and enjoy the out of doors once again.

Today was another appointment and one which they checked the growth of Baby! So another beautiful picture!

The Ultrasound Tech was amazing! She kept taking pictures of our little one and saying that Baby was so wonderful to photograph! When Zane saw the face he said "He has my nose!" and yes your chin too (according to Daddy). Baby was breech, which explains why I have sudden urges to pee and often. But at 22, almost 23 weeks, there is nothing to worry about in this position. She was able to get a good look at the spine, which we were not able to do last time and it looked great also. Of course David kept trying to get a peek at the sex, but again, the awesome tech did not even go there! Zane just calls Baby "he" because...

As for projects...I tried to some success, to do Marbled Paper with Zane. I have only done this with Jr. High Girls in the past at Outdoor Ed and it always turned out so beautiful. I was apprehensive because it uses acrylics. Well, I braved it because Zane was asking for an "activity" (art project). So I figured we would give it a go.
Found that it was so much cooler to blow on the paints than to swirl with a paintbrush end. He did great on dropping the colors in and keeping the droppers in their proper bowls (for a change). He had more difficulty spreading the drops around. For some reason he has always liked to put all the colors, stickers, glue, paint, in one spot.
This was nearing the end. I was going to pull the paper out and he decided that he was not done with it. SOOOOO
He added more to the other side of the paper!
The color got a little spread out with my encouragement. But he had fun! Now we can use the paper to send "letters" to people from Zane! I always love making this paper. It makes wonderful stationary. Depending on where you get the directions will tell you to water down the starch or not. I highly recommend watering it down. If you use straight starch the paper is too stiff and will not make good stationary.

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Congratulations! So excited for you!