Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the Biggest!

Today was the last day of Zane's Junior Horse Hands. Which I have mixed feelings about. On the down side, it was so great to watch these gentle creatures and Zane interact. Zane loved being around the horses and learning how to care for them. On the upside, I won't feel icky after wards. The one bad thing about being so allergic to horses. Even staying away, I had problems. Each week it seemed to get worse. This has always been a problem, because I love horses and want to be around them more. But enough about my issues with horses. On to the good stuff!

Today the kids were again grooming the mule, which the girls love, because it is like brushing their dolls' hair and the boys are good for a few strokes then want to move on. They were up on Percheron, which is a draft horse from France. The one here is named Chip. And finally the kids were taught to lead a horse.

Getting help up on Chip

Wow! This is on Big Horse!

Think Zane has more growing to do before he can go by himself

A boy and his horse

Ride is over

This is the video of Zane leading Scout. I don't know what his teacher is saying to him but the whole thing is so cute.

He was one of the few that were able to walk fast enough. It was kind of funny because it would not surprise me if the talk was for him to slow down or for him to stay by the cones.

In other news: I have joined a book club. We are reading "A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World" by Paul Miller and one of the women told of how she prayed for finding a sweatshirt for her daughter and he talks about finding his daughter's contact while on a camping trip. Both of which were answered. Well, I figure that I could use these examples to help teach Zane that God does hear and answer our prayers. I have never thought of doing this before. On our way to the Zoo or Botanical Gardens we always pass the light rail tracks (which Zane calls a train) and we also go over freight train tracks (which I have NEVER seen a train on). Today we also went to the Zoo earlier than we needed to so we could walk around and see some animals, which could have backfired because there is rain in the forecast, which we did not dress for. So we also prayed that it would not rain.

First, on the way to the Zoo (which is why I am sharing this). We had just prayed to see a train. We are approaching the intersection and in the distance, I see the light rail coming. The light had turned red and Zane was able to see it pull into the stop. Pray answered. I then encourage Zane to thank God for answering the prayer, he does not want to pray. So I pray. Then after I am done he asks "Is Little Penny out of the hospital? Is she all better?" This brought tears to my eyes. Because we have been praying for Penny for over seven months now. And although she is still stable and doing well, all things considered, she is still in the hospital and still waiting for a heart. For all of my Prayer Warriors, please continue to pray for Penny, I know that God's timing is perfect and He is in control, so do her parents. I just know that this is wearing on them and really hard on them.

After we got into the car, I asked Zane if God answered another prayer and had to prompt him as to what I was talking about. Which was the rain holding off. He then said yes, but now he wanted it to rain. So we thanked God for keeping the rain away until horse class was over and to have it rain. Finally, he was asking if we would see a freight train. I, of little faith, said probably not, and then went on to give him an excuse. Well, I was quickly convicted. For as I am talking to Grandma, waiting for the light to change he gets all excited and starts to yell. I thought he was saying "Fighter Jet" and was telling him no. He was saying "Freight Train!" So I tell him to thank God for answering that prayer, and this time he says the prayer. How awesome it is to see what it is like to have faith like a child.

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