Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Vacation!

We had so much fun in Colorado. I got my White Christmas! David and Zane had their first White Christmas. We got to do so many things as a family and just relaxed.

First, the answered prayers. We had wonderful roads going and coming back. We also got to have much needed family time. We had that family time in three significant ways. The first was on the Georgetown Railroad Loop.

Family Photo On The Train
Zane Seeing Santa and TRYING to give him a Bell (Opposite of Polar Express)
Such a giving heart.

Santa didn't know what to do with that. Don't think that he has ever experienced
a child giving him something.

Daddy and Zane with Santa

Mommy and Zane with Santa

Never Hurts to Ask!
Knowing how much Zane loves trains, I asked the Conductor if we could see the
Engine after we got back to the Station. He said to wait till everyone was off then come
and see him. So we did. What a surprise we got when the Brakeman and Engineer asked us to come

up into the Engine!
View of the Engine and Brakeman as we are coming back down the mountain.

View from the High Bridge.

Before and after riding the train we went to the Georgetown Lake. The lake was completely frozen, which is something that my boys had never seen except for pictures. There was no keeping David off of the lake. Zane had so much fun and so did David!

Playing on the Ice

Another very memorable time as a family was Wednesday morning when we awoke to snow. Zane was so excited, that he did not even get dressed before going out. Getting shoes on him was a challenge!

Catching Snowflakes on your Tongue

Running in the Snow

Getting to use a snow blower for the first time

Papa and Daddy went to many stores to find a snow shovel "JUST MY SIZE"
Carrying the Snow
Still needs to learn where you dump the snow you shovel

My snow fort stocked with snowballs! Daddy has one too!

Another special time as family was our sledding trip. We went to Kipling Sledding Hill. I did not get pictures because I did not want to risk breaking the camera. What made this even more special was that I use to go here in High School with my friends. The hill is very long, 30 seconds to get down and you are going really fast! Then there is the getting back to the top, I think it took like ten minutes~ But it is oh so worth it! I did find out that I have definitely become a lowlander. It hurt going up the hill. Denver athletes have such an advantage. Which I never truly understood until now. Zane had such a blast.

We were almost home when he asked "Did we bring the sleds?"
Me: "No"
Z: "We need to go buy one!"
Me: "There won't be anywhere to sled when we are home."
Z: "I want it to snow at our house"
Me: "That would take a miracle!"
Then the crying started.

Sledding in the Street

There was also the seeing of friends and family members who you don't get to see that often. Such as my friend and her son. I have been friends with J since we were about Zane's and N's age! It is so cool that we are still in touch with each other!

Zane and N

We were also able to get together with J and M and their baby that we vacationed with this summer!
Zane and B

Me and M

I was also able to go see my family in Evergreen. It was great to see my Aunts and Uncles and their kids and other people that are just as much family even if they are not blood. I truly believe that being blood relatives does not make you family. I had great conversations and found out that I have more in common with some of them that I ever new. Many of us were missing our babies or spouses. It was wonderful to be able to comfort each other.

Zane and Sharon very special woman who shows amazing strength

Zane and his Great-Great Grandpa Ben!
This was Ben's first Christmas without his wife Phyllis

I love recycling boxes! Grandma gave me some really cool boxes that Grandpa's whiskey comes in. So I used it to wrap some of Zane's presents. I love his expressions!


Trying to figure out what it is


Now on a personal note. I had asked for a CD. It was Beauty Will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman and had only heard one song until just now. As I was composing this post I was able to listen to it. WOW! How powerful, both in the grief that I have and know that he is experiencing but also in the promises that God has given us. I love the song February 20th! For this is about the day Maria asked Jesus into her heart! This is even more special because Zane's day is November 17th! So every time I hear that song I will remember Zane's special day. What is really cool is that November 17, 1996 is the day I was baptised. So cool that 12 years later Zane would ask Jesus into his heart. I also got Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant. What a cool contrast to the traditional Christmas songs! The traditional songs with a twist. It did not have the song of theirs that I wanted but this is an album that I will definitely listen to every Christmas and not get sick of it. I don't think you will hear these Christmas Songs in the Malls.

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