Sunday, October 18, 2009

Memorizing Scripture

This is Zane's first year of AWANAS, and I am so excited. I remember it when I was a kid and loved it. I can't believe how much of God's word I learned, too bad I don't remember it like I should. So this is helping me to relearn all of it. However, I am having a hard time getting Zane to repeat the verses to me without doing something different. He is not the type of child to sit and recite a verse to me. He does with his teacher, luckily.

Well here are some short clips of one way I can check them off.

He was alright. He got up and continues on!

Here he is reciting "God created the heavens and Earth" to "God is Love"

This next one is "God is Love"

It soon turns into something else....

"God made poop." At least he is getting that God created everything. On top of that I am able to sign off that he knows his verses and he recites them to his teacher no problem. Who is awesome with Zane.

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Heather said...

That just cracked me up, especially the fall at the end! I can totally relate to Zane. As long as my feet are moving, I can listen, learn, memorize so much better. I always have the best conversations with God when I'm walking or running.

In fact, my mom used to give us coloring books or crochet to keep my hands busy while she would read to us! And I learned my multiplication tables by marching around! :)

Go Zane. Hiding God's Word in your heart will yield eternal rewards!