Sunday, October 11, 2009


So the garage sale fundraiser is now over! God was definitely at work through it. We raised lots of money to help with Penny's medical expenses and there was so much left that I think I could have had eight more weeks of garage sales and still have stuff. But I am not up for that much insanity, nor do I want to take advantage of my wonderful in-laws who watched Zane for those two days.

Yesterday was also emotional for me. While I was helping raise money for Penny and awareness for the need to be an Organ Donor, my parents were remembering Micah in a wonderful celebration of his short little life at the Walk to Remember. They got a white rose and released a balloon when his name was read. This is the second one I have missed but my heart was there. My parents did not do the walk, as it was 20 degrees there. Unlike here, where it was 90 and I had sunscreen on and still got burned~

This week remember our little angel's as Thursday is National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Day. Pray for the parents as there is someone missing from the family. I have meet so many who have had to say goodbye to their babies too soon or never got to meet them. I will list some of those names here. Please add to the list in the comments.

Micah Allen Perin, Copper Allen Smith, David Paul and Ethan Robert Harris, Audrey Caroline, Pearl, Sophia, Magdalena, Larson O'Brein, Elliot, Felicity Piper, Maddox, Asher and Isaac Bolt, Isabella, Macsen Danforth, Kayleigh Freeman, Victoria Leigh, Adalia Lois Bischof, Baby H, Baby R, Baby S 1 and 2, Baby J, Baby P, Baby R 1 and 2. I know that the list goes on and on. Please add your own baby's name and story. We can then pray.

Also on Oct. 15 at 7 pm (in your time zone) light a candle for one hour for every baby you have in Heaven. This is called Wave Of Light. I will be lighting one for my Micah who I miss so much!

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