Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CHEAP Preschool Ideas!

I have been needing to start some "formal" teaching of Zane. Not a -these are your ABC's and 123's- but more of a deliberate way to teach him. The best way I can describe it is a Montessori style, but not fully. I know that some call it unschooled or whatever, but I think of it as a way for Zane to be curious and learn to do practical things. So Today we started our preschool. I really don't know how long we spent in "preschool" mode but we did accomplish some learning.

One of the first things we are doing is chores. Yes, I have tried before but have fallen short, because of my laziness. However, he is definitely able to do the chores and I found a great chore sheet which I had laminated
Yes, some are going to be difficult to do, but they are things that he REALLY needs to work on. Others, with a little reminding, he has no problem with. Today, he really enjoyed doing his chores and marking them off.

I have also been checking out a lot of Montessori books for activities. Two of my favorites are here and here. Great ideas and how to's. I remember a doll that had all these different "getting dressed" activities on it. I have seen a couple but they are not as great as the one I remember. I have thought about making one, but never found a pattern (very much a pattern person!). But in the first one they show dressing boards, which you can make yourself. So, I went to Savers and found a snap shirt, a zipper shirt, and a big button-button shirt. David is going to make the frames (hopefully VERY SOON) and there we go!

Another activity I saw, that we have done in Sammy Seedlings Preschool, is smelling bottles. Well, I have found a really cheap way to do this! All you need is glue, spices and/or flavor extracts (essential oils could work if you have them), cotton balls, and 35 mm film canisters (I got mine FREE from the photo development at my local Walgreen's (just ask any photo department if they have them and what they do with them). I put some glue on the bottom of the canister and some on the cotton ball. Then place the cotton ball on the spice (if you are using extract or oil not need for the glue) and then gently push the cotton ball all the way down into the canister. Put the cap on, and Presto! Very simple, very cheap smell bottles! I am going to make pairs so Zane can match them and we can do games.

Sample of Smell Bottles

The spices on the cotton balls.

So far I have Cinnamon oil, pepper, curry, cloves and Vanilla Extract (which I don't like because of the alcohol in it). I am planning on peppermint, lemon, and some others that my Mother-in-Law may have.

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