Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun Suprise on Our Adventure!

Nana and Papa are visiting and we are trying to find fun stuff to do where we are not going to roast to death out in the 105 temps with 45% humidity. There is only so much swimming a person can do. So we decided to go here. After calling around to some of the rec. centers with rock walls, this was the closest place where Zane could climb.His foot was as high as the yellow gorilla looking like foot hold!
Align Center
There is two fold to why we are taking him climbing at 3.5 years old. First, it is a way that we can tire him out! Secondly, he climbs at home and is not safe about it. This way he can get the climbing out and it is safe. We are able to teach him the safe way to climb and as he gets older we can do this more as a family where we are all taking turns!

While we were there a group of Firefighters were there. I asked the captain about what was going on and he told me about a program for teens who are interested in the profession. So after Zane was done climbing, one of the Firemen took him out to look at the truck!

I think it is a really good idea that he was not shown how to turn on the truck!

Still has a few more years!

How much fun this was! Zane was asking Fireman S. what everything was and was wanting to do what the Explorers were doing. What a bonus to today's adventure!

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