Friday, April 24, 2009

"Detox" Day....HELP!

Yesterday Zane had a fever all day. I was planning on cleaning and getting stuff done. Instead, I was on the couch reading, and watching movies with a very lethargic boy. Now, we he is (what I call) detoxing from the TV. I keep hearing "I want moving, Mommy!" So, as we get ready to run some errands and get past wanting to watch movies, this could be a long day. Hope not, he did not sleep very well last night and I am hoping that he takes a long nap.

Staying with the detox theme. Tomorrow I am planning on starting my first cleanse. I will be doing a Liver cleanse. In reading the process, it sounds nasty. But if it helps get me feeling like myself again, it will be worth it. Dr. B says that it may help with the allergies and getting all the stuff out that may have built up. I think that there is a lot of build up from all the meds that were pumped into my body during both pregnancies along with 30+ years of stuff that just happens to get into my system. Here is what I am doing and the schedule of what to do.


Heather said...

Haven't ever thought of it as detox... Xander was totally doing that this last week. (almost a week after being sick, argh.) It's a gradual process. He's not acting so deliriously passionate about getting a movie anymore. Hope your guy gets thru his detox faster! :)

Anonymous said...

So how did the detox go? Just curious, I'm thinking of trying it.

zanesmommy said...

The detox was okay. The oil part was way better than the Epsom salt part. But it was not as bad as I thought it would be.