Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love having the "Holidays" over!

First, I put holidays in quotes because I am talking of everyone being off and having a holiday from work, school, having company and needing to take them somewhere. Why am I glad. Because for the last two weeks we have had nowhere to go. See I don't do crowds! Don't like them and don't like how the crowds ruin the trip for us.

Last week, I needed out of the house. Zane and I drove to the zoo. Gorgeous day, late in the afternoon. I thought that the zoo would be relatively empty. How wrong I was. There were no parking spots in the lower lot. TOO CROWDED FOR US! So we drove down one row and up the next right out of the parking lot. Zane was very upset, until he understood that we were going to Grandpa and Grandma's! All was good.

So we went today. Another gorgeous day! But this time, morning and school is back in session, the bowl game is over, people are back at work, and company is gone! I could not be happier! What an amazing day we had at the zoo. We went to see the big horn and oryx. Zane really enjoyed it, we normally don't see them for it is true desert where they are. We got to see the wild dogs running around right up close and the cheetahs were out walking. We then went to the jaguar. He was walking around and was talking to us. We proceeded back to the birds and we saw a hawk on top of one of the exhibits. It was truly amazing and causing much commotion. We heard the birds singing, which we hardly every get to experience. Some keepers came and saw it. I thought it was a peregrine falcon, but was confused because I know that Arizona desert is not native land for them. They thought it could be also. They called for the bird expert and he came. It was a year old Coopers Hawk. We watched humming birds dive bomb him.

After we watched him for a while, we them went to the Arizona exhibit. Here we saw the coyotes walking around (never out), and the bobcat up stretching and then he came and stood looking at us face to face. The mountain lions were also walking around and talking. This was a great day at the zoo for seeing the animals. Did I mention the cormorants were coming in. Such a cool day at the zoo.

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Corie said...

Glad you had some nice weather. It is freezing here!