Saturday, November 8, 2008

Out of the mouth of Zane

Zane has started to REALLY talk up a storm. At first, I will admit, that I was concerned because he was not talking, not even mama, dada, no, etc. But he did do some signs. I waited and did not get freak out, but wondered what was going on. I knew he might be delayed because he was a boy and a preemie, but that still did not keep me from comparing his vocabulary to his peers. I also knew that his personality is that where he will wait til he KNOWS he can do something completely before he will try it. Case in point, Zane walked before he could crawl. Which was great because he just sat in one spot until he was almost a year. Oh to go back to those days. Now I can't keep up with him. He crawled on his first birthday.

So back to what he has been saying..... We live in a ranch house and the master bath is in the back of the house. "Zane's" bathroom is in the front and is the most convenient bathroom to use. When either my husband or I use HIS bathroom, he will tell us "No daddy/mommy, my bathroom!" Can't wait to see what happens when my parents come to visit?!?!

It has also gotten cool enough, just this week, to pull out the long pants. I know it is NOVEMBER and we were still running around in shorts. This week I have been putting pants on Zane and he tells me "Too big mommy, they don't fit, they are too long." I think we wear shorts too much.

The last item of business is about Zane starting to grasp what happened to Jesus during his beating and crucifixion! I love this one! We read Zane a story out of his Big Picture Bible and were on the chapter where Pilot is having Jesus beaten. He points to the picture of Jesus with the cuts on his back and says "Mommy, Jesus has boo boos." I was able to explain why he was beaten and that his beating was because Zane disobeys his mommy and daddy. It is a start to him understanding the Gospel and leading him to a relationship with Christ. Then I can be assured that I will spend eternity with both my boys.

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