Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not start this on Saturday so I would not forget some of the BEST!
I did not get bit by an ant and call it a "stupid ant" in front of my son.
He did not repeat me saying "stupid as*" (or at least that is what it sounds like)
When repeating the story to daddy, our son did not say it again and we did not laugh hysterically, which would not encourage him to say it more.
He did not point out the ants in our yard to grandma and grandpa pronouncing ants in his way. I did not want to translate, but did.
I did not take our son to grandma and grandpa's knowing that they would be able to wear him out, because I was not into chasing him.
I did not go to Lowe's and buy a rake for our son in hopes that he would help in the garden. Three year old can garden, right.
I did not invite a friend and her boys to plant seeds to celebrate the harvest on Halloween. That would be silly and confuse our boys. But we do live in Arizona where it is not more pleasant to garden in the winter when everyone else is looking at snow.
I did not start looking at dogs, hoping to get one for our son's birthday.
I am not almost done with Christmas shopping. Wait, I make most of our presents!
I did not complain that the Christmas music has already started to play and it is not even Halloween and it is still 100 degrees outside.
I was not excited because our A/C did not kick on until 4 pm the other day and was only on once. I must be mistaken, I thought October was almost over?!?
I was not excited that we ended up going to the zoo on the Members Only Day for the StingRay Bay.
I did not follow a quiche recipe and end up cooking it for 50 minutes, instead of 40, and it was still not done before church, making us have to go to McD's for breakfast;~
I did not bribe my son with a cookie to get him to eat his veggies, I never do that!
I did not cry when I found out that may BF got video of Micah's balloon being released at The Walk To Remeber on Oct. 11. Thank you to my parents for honoring Micah, when we were not able to be there and to Laura, Corie, Gina, and Rob who were there for their babies and said a prayer for Micah as well.


Melissa said...

Great post....very touching about the ballon for Micah. I am very sorry for your loss!!

And funny story about the ants!!

Mike and Katie said...

It 40 degrees here and the furnace is running.

Planting seeds in October is definitely new to me.