Friday, October 24, 2008

Flood of Emotions

This time last year, I was excited that I have made it to the third trimester without any signs of pre-eclampsia. When Zane and I went to the Pumpkin Festival at the Botanical Gardens, Micah was with us, but we did not know if he was a boy or a girl. I was miserable, because I was big, hot, and trying to run after Zane and hold a pumpkin. It did not hurt that it was also 80+ degrees by mid morning. As we went today, those memories came back, along with the pictures of the three of us. It was so hard to see other women who are pregnant and casing two year olds at functions like this. The reminder of what I had a year ago and what I don't have in my arms now is so hard. I am so glad that I had two dear friends go with me who know what I have been through and let me talk about it. Thank you!

Now, I did have a blast. Zane understands what is going on so much more. He LOVED the hay maze. In fact he lead me and our neighbor through the maze SUCCESSFULLY! The loved going through the pumpkin patch and looking for the "perfect" pumpkin. Don't know if he truly found the exact one he was looking for, but I said enough of changing your mind. There was a little little petting zoo there, with farm animals. He loved the chickens. It was great to see him taking turns and the kindness of the older kids to him. One of my favorite times was when a girl about 5 to 7 had this chicken that she was holding and gave it to Zane. After about a minute or two, I told him it was time to give it back. He did without any hesitation. Great job Zane. He still loved on the goats. Wanted to hold a wiggling pig. Pet the donkey and sheep. Did I mention that he loved the chickens. Especially the red one!

As you have seen in other posts, Zane loves his animals. I also love that Zane is so interested in all that is around him. He loves to find lizards running on the ground, fish in water, interesting rocks, anything in nature. I love it!

Excited about a fish or butterfly.

The Maze

Last Year's Pumpkin Festival

This Year's Pumpkin Festival

What a difference a year makes


Heather said...

You made it... I was thinking about you this afternoon.

And Zane did do so well. I thought all of the boys did very well today!

zanesmommy said...

Yes, they all did well. I loved watching them interact with a certain little girl also. I wish I got a picture of the older three in the wagon, did you?

Hayler said...

hey christine! looks like you guys had a great time. so sorry we couldn't make it. :( maybe next year.