Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Proud

Being a teacher and coach, you get a few students who really touch your life and become part of your family. We I had one, K.K. She is now a freshman at Boston University. It was sad to see her go, but so wonderful to see her following her dreams.

I just got a call from her, after I have been wondering about how she has been doing. She was getting ready to go to practice. No, she did not go to BU to run or play softball, she went on an academic scholarship. But the softball team is holding tryouts and K.K. is trying to walk on! She is nervous but I know that she will do great. How proud of her I am. She is out trying to do something she loves. Yes, I miss her and so does Zane, but I know that she is going to do something big. We are proud of you K.K. and hope to see you playing Division 1 Softball!

Zane and His K.K. early this summer

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