Monday, September 1, 2008

Made it!

All that I can say is that it is wonderful to be able to have fresh air coming into the house, drive with the windows down and not sweat!

Sunday we were called to get Zane out of Sunday School, because he was crying (very unusual), my parents and I decided to hit the road early. Which ended up being a blessing. For we got half was you my parents by 9 pm. Zane only slept from about Superior to the Salt Canyon, when his ears started to hurt. However, he stayed dry the whole first leg. Then when we stopped to sleep, he was still dry! I could not sleep, for noise in the room and above us. So we left at 3:30 am. Which was also a blessing for Zane slept till we were heading up Raton Pass. Again, still dry! We stopped for breakfast in Trinadad and then got to Littleton at about 10 am. STILL DRY! Such a big boy. I could not believe it.

I have also found a benefit to limiting his TV time. His Grandma and Grandpa Perin let us use their portable DVD player. This occupied him for most of the time. He was not interested in any other activities for very long. So, guess what is going to happen when we go to San Diego in Oct.?

I am so glad to be out of the heat, but miss David (already). I know that he has been busy (and we have only been gone for 24 hours. I am a little scared to see what he has done (or has not done in cleaning up after himself).

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Laura said...

Soo great to meet you...what a stroy you have. You are doing an amazing job on this journey..never forget you are not alone.