Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Helping Hand

Zane is Daddy's little helper, no matter what it is. Today, David was mowing the yard. While his back was turned (maybe two seconds) Zane opened the gas tank of the lawn mower, and "filled" it. The great part about it is he filled it with grass and leaves.

So David had to empty the tank. And did NOT need Zane's help! So we locked him in the house/backyard, while David fixed the mess in the front yard. Zane did not like this at all. When he tried to get into the garage and it was locked, he threw a fit and was yelling, "I need to help Daddy! Help Daddy!" When I showed him where he could watch, he was fine with it for all of three seconds. Zane came back in and tried to get back into the garage. Our little helper. He does the same thing when I am cooking and cleaning.

I am so glad that I use vinegar to clean. This way he can help without harm coming to him. He has gotten very good at cleaning the sink and the floors. Which is very helpful seeing as how he messes it up the most. Now if I could get him to do the toilets and pick up his toys!

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